Labeling unit variable



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Labeling unit variable

Beschriftungseinheit_variabel EN

  • Installation width variable
  • spring force change possible
  • less downtime in production due to fast, economical replacement of inserts from the parting line
  • available as a labeling unit or as an individual part (replaceable insert)
  • Surface without marking
  • interchangeable inserts for contours are possible
  • Surfaces can be adapted (freeform surface-compatible)
  • small space
  • Stringing of interchangeable inserts possible
  • Installation option: field raised / font deepened
The labeling unit is characterized by the simple replacement of the replacement insert from the parting line. In the replacement insert a label or a contour can be introduced. The juxtaposition and a separate change of interchangeable inserts are possible. While the holder remains in the tool, several versions of differently engraved inserts or contours can be available for exchange.
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